Initial Consultation

Getting organized begins with an initial consultation. The consultation is approximately one hour in your home during which we thoroughly discuss your specific needs. I am well educated in almost everything regarding newborns,  postpartum recovery, breastfeeding, and as a mother myself, I firmly believe that much stress can be alleviated when all your ducks are in a row.


Let's get started creating the future you. The you who has a fully stocked first aid kit, knows where all the important documents are filed, and even has a spare change of clothes in the car for that day when someone encounters a mud puddle.


Essentially, the title says it all. This is the most crucial part of staying organized. Getting organized is easy, but staying organized takes grit. Grit you may or may not have after a complicated week  that you managed to survive despite the fact that you're getting only 1/3 the amount of sleep as your cheery cohorts.

The Fourth Trimester

An option that offers closet organizing merged with breastfeeding  and  /sleeping education.

Gift Certificates 


Looking for that perfect gift for the family that has it all?